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Sonotec-Ultrasound Instruments

Sonotec Ultrasound Predictive Maintenance Systems

Sonotec is a German organisation which manufactures a broad range of Sonaphone ultrasonic maintenance systems, NT systems and Ultrasound systems for medical applications.

Sonotec Ultrasound

The Sonotec product range is very comprehensive and includes: Sonotec Sonaphone E with data logger software and designed to ATEX specifications. This system is suitable for applications located in hazardous areas.

The system can detect leaks in compressed air systems, in valves, heat exchangers, aircrafts, cars, buildings etc. It can also detect partial discharges in ovehead electrical cables, switch gears, control panels etc.

The Sonaphone E can also be used to detect Vacuum leaks.

The Sonaphone E is equipped with a comprehensive range of sensors, precision sensors for valves tests, flexible sensors to reach difficult angles, sonospot or parabolic sensor to test at a height of 30 metres.

Sonaphone lll

Sonotec has launched a new generation of Sonaphone, the Sonaphone III.

The Sonaphone III can MONITOR CONDITION OF YOUR SYSTEMS. Implement maintenance 4.0 in your company.

  ♦  RECORD ULTRASONIC FREQUENCIES FROM 20 TO 100 kHZ. Find and classify leaks.

  ♦  USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE. Variable display of the measured data.

  ♦  STORE TEST DATA AND SPECTROGRAMS. Add photographs, voice memos and comments.

  ♦  CREATE TEST REPORTS WITH A FEW CLICKS. Illustrate and store energy savings and system condition information.

  ♦  TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY 5" multi-touch screen.

  ♦  ROBUST HOUSING Very well suited to harsh industrial environments.

  ♦  PC SOFTWARE Integration of the data into existing systems.

Pocket Sonaphone

The Pocket Sonaphone is a small and compact device but with huge capabilities. It does cover a huge array of applications and comes with a comprehensive range of sensors and including the Sonospot sensor which can take readings at a distance of 30 metres.

Pocket Sonaphone with flexible sensor

Pocket Sonaphone using a flexible sensor.


Sonotec has more than 20 years of experience, their aim is to be market leader as a solutions provider in the field of ultrasonic measurement technologies. They manufacture sensors and devices for measurement technology applications for customers around the world in the most varied of industries. In addition to their standard products, they also work closely with clients, in order to develop specific solutions that meet your precise requirements.

Sonotec Products

Tel: +44 (0)161 425 6200

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