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Tel: +44 (0)161 425 6200

Abdel Belizidia MD.

About HB2G Ltd.

Abdel Belizidia.


+44 (0)161 425 6200

I launched HB2G LTD in January 2010 after 28 years service with Ingersoll Rand Int Sales.

My last position with Ingersoll Rand was Business Manager for Middle East/Africa and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.a

I graduated from Leeds University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and later on with a MBA from the same University.

  ♦  HB2G LTD has intially been created as an Engineering Consultancy Organisation with a footprint in the heavy industrial sector. To comply with our customers requirements HB2G Ltd had to reinvent itself as a supplier of Industrial Equipment to the same market segments, namely the General B2B and oil and gas sectors.

  ♦  HB2G LTD supplies the best possible fit to customers requirements, with focus on cost, quality and reliability.

HB2G LTD Mission Statement:

  ♦  Respect and Honesty is the dichotomy and pillar of all our transactions, with our customers, partners and the environment in which we operate.

  ♦  Our Mission. To create a symbiotic relationship between all our stakeholders and to supply reliable and cost effective solutions which add positive value to our customers Business Processes.

  ♦  Our Strategy. To use our expertise and technical knowledge to supply cost effective and reliable solutions to all our customers and to be a supplier of choice in our target markets.

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Tel: +44 (0)161 425 6200

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